WordPress团购主题插件Group Deals plugin


Group Deals网站已经官方启用了这一主题,来实现团购功能,大家可以前去围观,他们开发了强大的插件,主题运行于WordPress,需要启用WP E-Commerce 插件,等不及的,直接查看演示


  • All the standard group buying functionality
    • Set Deal Price
    • Set Deal Value
    • Discount & Savings automatically generated
    • Set Deal Highlights and Fine Print
    • Set minimum sales necessary for deal (Referred to as ‘tipping point’)
    • Set maximum sales possible
    • Set start and expiration date
  • Fully internationalized
  • Google Maps integration
  • Facebook Connect integration – sign in AND sign up with your Facebook Account
  • Social Media integration
    • Like/Recommend deals on Facebook
    • Share deals on Twitter
  • Fully AJAXified login process

上面这些都是与Group Deals plugin兼容的亮点,其实更多的功能还有:referral credit system, redemption capabilities, multiple cities support, BuddyPress support, side deals, nearby deals, gift a deal, Auto-redirect to GeoIP-based City, and many more exciting new features,开发人员计划还将开发计划任务和街景功能。


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