WordPress 2.8 兼容的插件列表

WordPress 之所以比别的博客系统强大,就是因为他的后台强大的插件功能,很多站长选择使用WP就是因为他的强大的插件支持,但WP2.8到底支持哪些插件呢?现在我把这些2.8版本支持的插件给列出来,方便大家选择使用。如果你是一个WordPress的插件作者,请随时添加自己的插件,并更新或改进你的插件。


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WordPress 2.8 兼容的风格列表

下面是经过我测试与Wordpress 2.8版本兼容的插件列表,可能有些插件我没有列出来,希望大家通过回复一起来补充:

A – D

E – H

I – L

M – P

Q – T

U – Z

Conflicting WordPress Plugins

Don’t run any of these pairs of plugins listed at the same time. (Choose one or the other, not both!)

Non-working WordPress Plugins, or Has Issues

Please DO NOT list move a plugin here that has been confirmed to work, just because you experience a problem. If you’re unsure whether it’s an actual bug, contact the plugin author first or visit the support forums. If you think you’ve found a popular plugin to be not working at all, and don’t see anyone else talking about it on the forums, then chances are it’s a problem that needs to be worked out on your end.

A – D

E – H

  • Faster Smilies 1.0 – plugin functionality is included in WordPress 2.8 – when activated anyway, you´ll get errors.
  • Error Reporting 0.10.0 – Plugin activates OK and Ping Error feature appears to be working. However, many if not most settings for Logging and/or Email notification of errors causes an Internal Server error.
  • HTML Purified 0.3.4 – Error when leaving a comment.

I – L

M – P

  • OpenID 3.2.2 – Works, but disables Dashboard admin menu and/or dashboard widgits (usually on index only). Sometimes affects plugins activated after this one to cause same issue but while the new one is active.

Q – T

  • ShareThis 3.0.1
  • Side Content 0.8 – define a set of widgets which are effectively placeholders. (only creates the first widget area if more than one is defined.)
  • TIL Technorati Incoming links 1.1 – deactivates on upgrade to 2.8 citing invalid headers.

U – Z




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