WordPress多站点域名绑定插件 WordPress 3.0 Domain Mapping 0.5.2

随着Wordpress 3.0多站点功能的出现,多站点绑定独立域名是一个必然的趋势,也是广大站长非常关心的功能,Wordpress域名绑定插件WordPress 3.0 Domain Mapping 0.5.2就可以帮你轻松实现Wordpress 3.0多站点域名绑定。

New in this release:

  • WordPress 3.0 support.
  • Added “domains” page for superadmin to add domains to any blog. The user’s domains page can be disabled by the superadmin too.
  • Added support for “www.” prefix in front of domains.
  • Allow dashboard to redirect to mapped or original domain.
  • Better support for SSL
  • Translation file added for localization.

For security reasons remote login is now disabled if the dashboard is redirected to the mapped domain. There is a tiny chance of a man-in-the-middle attack during redirection, but it’s just as likely to happen when you’re logging in and sending your username/password to the login form. Call me paranoid.

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