WordPress作者头像等信息插件:Author Exposed v.1.1

Author Exposed is a simple WordPress plugin that allows your visitors easy and elegant way to see more details about the post author.

This plugin does the same thing as the_author() tag only this time it’s linked to hidden layer (div). By clicking on the author link the layer pop’s up with author info gathered from the profile page, plus gravatar photo, if author email is assigned with one.

Click here to see it in action, or by clicking on this post author name (Igor) bellow the title.


Upload “author-exposed” folder to the”/wp-conten/plugins/” directory. Activate the plugin and place this code (inside the loop) where you want your author link to appear:

<?php the_author_posts_link(); ?>

That’s all. Don’t forget to leave some feedback.

Plugin: AuthorExposed v1.1 (4kb).Download

This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License.


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